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What's New

August 21, 2001:   www.Imagination-Technology.com Re-designed

On August 21, 2001, Imagination-Technology.com, the original web site for Imagination Technologies, went through a major overhaul.  This new site was created to provide a better presentation of the Flexible Research System (FRS) and what this revolutionary software package has grown to become.

At this new site you will find more detailed and comprehensive descriptions of the features and advantages of FRS.  Since the release of our company's original web site two years ago, more than 750 enhancements have been added to the product.  We re-designed our site to better showcase these features for our clients and for potential users of our software.  There is also much more information here on the "new" products that have been added to the FRS arsenal such as the FRS Web Application, the FRS Automation Server, the FRS Fax Server and two up-coming new products, the FRS Vendor-Net and FRS Lite.

Another new feature here at our web site is the "FRS Web Tech".  With this new Internet portal, we will be able to provide our clients with additional on-line support during their day-to-day usage of the Flexible Research System.  This feature further solidifies our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and helps ensure that the users of FRS are operating at their absolute best.

This web site is dedicated to our clients.  With the tremendous insight into the needs of background screening companies that they have shared with us, the Flexible Research System has grown into the leading software package for the employment screening and background investigation industries.